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Some insight on why Prince Andrew may have been the monarch’s favorite


Sep 15, 2022

Some insight on why Prince Andrew may have been the monarch’s favorite


Now that Queen Elizabeth II is no longer in the spotlight, Prince Andrew is once again in the spotlight. He was formerly considered her “favorite” kid, but he has since fallen from favor due to rumors that he passionately disputes, including that he had an affair with a commoner.

It’s well knowledge that Queen Elizabeth II considered Prince Andrew her favorite child.

The UK has been plunged into a national time of mourning following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.


On September 8th, the 96-year-old monarch passed away at her beloved Balmoral Castle in Scotland.



King Charles III succeeded his mother as monarch immediately upon his birth, but he was reportedly not a family favorite.


Although he has long been regarded as the Queen’s favorite, Prince Andrew has recently been the subject of controversy due to his alleged ties to Jeffrey Epstein.


The prince has been seen out and about at various events in recent weeks, despite the national period of mourning that has been declared in the wake of his mother’s death.


Find out for yourself why most people think the Queen favored Prince Andrew.


Why Royal experts think Prince Andrew is the Queen’s favourite child?

Andrew, Prince

Prince Andrew fought in the Falklands War

It was in 1960, seven years into the Queen’s reign, when Prince Andrew entered the world.


She would have hoped to spend more time with King Charles and Princess Anne, but her unexpected ascension to the throne prevented that from happening.


However, after Andrew was born, she was able to spend more time with him because her schedule slowed down.


“When Prince Charles and Princess Anne were born, the Queen was not able to spend the time with them that she would have desired to,” royal critic Richard Fitzwilliams said in a CNN interview.


Moreover, he said, “Andrew was someone with whom the Queen has had a particular affinity, and she was able to offer him greater attention.”


Telegraph experts concurred, with one suggesting the man’s formal training had a factor in their harmonious union.


Because of “they could be educated nearer to Windsor Castle,” he attended Heatherdown Preparatory School in Ascot.


The expert on the royal family went on, “The Queen took the time to meet with those kids. She used to occasionally drive herself to school with only one bodyguard.


She was a regular in athletic events like fairs and tournaments.


Andrew eventually joined the Navy in 1979, much like his dad had done.


He became a helicopter pilot and served in the Falklands War, which made the British royal family quite pleased.


“He came back a hero and was very much the golden kid of the royal family,” royal analyst Katie Nicholl told The Mirror.


What has happened to Prince Andrew?

Andrew, Prince

Prince Andrew is facing a lawsuit in New York

Prince Andrew is being sued in New York by a woman named Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who claims he sexually assaulted her while they were both teenagers.


Giuffre claims she was trafficked to the Queen’s son by convicted sex offenders Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell when she was 17 years old. According to US law, she would then be considered a minor.


The claims leveled against Prince Andrew have been refuted by him.


After revelations of his ties to millionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, the Queen stripped him of his royal titles, including the right to use HRH.

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