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Meet the identical twins that have one wife and she is pregnant for them


Sep 15, 2022

Her identical twin brothers, who “share the same wife,” impregnate her, and she has no idea which of them is to blame (video)



In this scene, a pair of identical twins and the woman they call their wife cannot contain their elation at the news that she is carrying their child.


A trio consisting of Teddy, Peter, and Emily

With their partner Emily, Teddy and Peter

Although they haven’t legally married Emily, Teddy and Peter claim they’ve been sleeping with her and treating her like family for some time now.



In a video released to his YouTube account, content producer Nicholas Kioko interviews a couple who claim to be members of the Akorino, an African indigenous church in Kenya.


My brother and I are identical twins, and this is our beautiful bride. As identical twins, we had to share a wife. Since we are roommates, we spend all of our time together. That’s right, Sisi, you can have all the bibi you want. To put it simply, we share a DNA sequence. “Kuna hii kitu twins hukuwa nayo, twin mmoja akipenda pia huyo mwingine anapenda,” one of the twins, Teddy, can be heard saying in the video.


Peter claims that the two twins celebrated when Emily told them she was pregnant, even though it is not known which twin is responsible for the pregnancy. He continued, saying that they have come to terms with the pregnancy because they consider her to be their wife and sleep with her every night.


The twins and Emily don’t seem to care if their connection is appropriate, but the video that Nicholas Kioko posted online has sparked debate.


Another story states that the leader of the Ajagurajah Movement in Ghana, prophet Kwabena Boakye Asiamah alias Osofo Ajagurajah, has urged women to put their efforts towards making money rather than focused on their appearance.


His argument was that attractive women wasted their time and energy worrying about how they looked instead of creating money for themselves and their families because they were too preoccupied with their appearance.


This claim was reportedly made by Ajagurajah during an interview with Abusua FM in Kumasi, as reported by Ghanaweb.


To be more specific, “I actually saw a woman driving a pretty good car today. Just looking at her made me feel queasy. But she is the one who brings in the big bucks around here,” the prophet was cited as saying by the news outlet.


More than half of women who make a solid living without the support of a man are physically unattractive. Just say “I am aware” and calm down when a man compliments your looks.


Many stunning women never settle down with a trustworthy partner. Check out the women hawkers and the women who work as head porters, who pursue automobiles to pick up loads. Some of them are the most stunning things you’ll ever see.


While the beautiful people “simply roam around loose and unsecured,” Ajagurajah added, “I have never made a human being before and yet most of the ugly ones have sought their assistants and they are making it.”


Instead of becoming vain, he said attractive women should take a spiritual bath to rid themselves of the curse of their looks.

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