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Ex-Kotoko player committed suicide in Germany due to marital problems; tragic story


Sep 15, 2022

Ex-Kotoko player committed suicide in Germany due to marital problems; tragic story


The name Osei Bonsu may not ring a bell for the newer generation of Asante Kotoko fans, but for those lucky enough to have seen the Joe Debrah period, the name evokes memories of a guy who once flew on the right flank for the club and was given the moniker “Africa” for his skill.


Upon retirement, many former players in Ghana’s football league head overseas in search of greener pastures, where they often end up working multiple jobs just to make ends meet. After his professional soccer career, Osei Bonsu made Germany his permanent home.


Osei Bonsu tied the knot in Europe, but the couple soon ran into difficulties.


Osei Bonsu’s problems escalated to the point where the German police had to intervene and order him to leave his home for a few days to give his irate wife time to calm down.


Africa committed himself by jumping out of the window of his multi-story home while he was moving out, as told by the Asante Kotoko folklore teller Joe Debrah.


His future in-laws lived not far away. After receiving complaints about the woman’s behavior, authorities asked Africa to leave the house for four days. Silas stepped in to lend a hand. He used to play for the Kotoko team. So they started packing up his belongings. A law enforcement official was there to keep things under control.


Africa will take it all out, then give it to Silas to install. As he took the final item out, he glanced down at Silas. The officer had swiveled around to examine the items. Immediately after doing so, Africa crept to a window and jumped from the multi-story building.


I attended a gathering in Africa once. When I made that statement, I was standing in the hallway. My naiveté led me to believe that it wouldn’t be Africa. He was an Asante Kotoko winger,” he said mournfully.


The interviewer, renowned journalist Dan Kwaku Yeboah, confirmed his account. Kwaku Yeboah expressed surprise and sadness upon hearing the news.

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